By: rivaltkennels | November 17, 2018

We are expecting a litter from Princess and Shadow next month, December. Puppies will be ready to go home just before Valentine's Day. We are expecting particolors in golden sable and grizzle. Got a fantastic litter from these two last time, so we are expecting great things. Space is still available on our waiting list, if you want to email and get on it. Five to six puppies are expected in the litter. We are so excited, can't wait to see these little guys and girls in person!

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By: rivaltkennels | October 17, 2018

I've been reading lately about some of the terrible things that happen to dogs at some groomers, and a lot of these things are what led to me grooming my own dogs. I got to thinking about it, and realized I could offer my own grooming services for the breed I love. I never use stressful methods when grooming, and avoid techniques that cause pain but are used routinely. I don't agree with using harsh chemicals. I have begun to think about adding a grooming service that specializes in this special breed, at an affordable price. After 15 years of grooming my own dogs, I have learned how to groom without adding extra stress.

My policy: Never pull ear hair, trim only, to avoid pain and potential ingrown hair and infection. No clipping puppies 6 ...

By: rivaltkennels | August 12, 2018

Yes, there is such a thing. How can you determine what is too much dog? Well, the answer is different depending on you. Can you restrain a mastiff? Can you deal with a growling Doberman? These things can occur, and if you can't handle say, a lunging Dane, don't get a Dane. Myself, I have difficulty handling a Dane. I will never have another, yet I can handle Rottweilers without much trouble. I have had to deal face to face with large aggressive dogs that have growled and snapped, and have not backed down. However, I know my limits. I will not deliberately choose an aggressive breed, because I don't feel comfortable having to risk bites, because I would have to correct them. I wouldn't choose a breed I couldn't restrain if the situation dema...

By: rivaltkennels | August 05, 2018

We have a beautiful litter planned for the fall 2018, from the same dam and sire that produced such an exceptional head and some of the best conformation and movement I've seen in a long time. Got excellent coat type as well. Hoping for similar results this litter. They are expected to be particolor grizzle and golden, with black tips. We are really looking forward to this litter, and have high hopes for all the puppies. If you want to get on the waiting list, just send me an email, otherwise I will be posting the announcement when they arrive.

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By: rivaltkennels | August 02, 2018

I'm sure the title grabbed your attention, and maybe some of you are rubbing your hands together cackling waitingfor the dirt. This isn't that kind of bark...that is to say, I have nothing bad to say, but if you want to be sure you getthe best puppy you can, keep reading.

Youmay have heard some common media terms, terms created by people who want to end pet ownership, the "puppymill" and "backyard" breeders. 

The truth is, whether you have a commercial kennel, hobby kennel, a pair of dogs you breed, or a dog that just happened to have puppies, you are a breeder. That's it. A breeder. 

Within the title of breeder, there are different quality types ranging from good to poor. Poor ones don't put a lot of effort into...