About the Chihuahua

Believe it or not the Chihuahua and the Lhasa are the same height, both tending to be around 9 inches at the shoulder for females and 10-11 for males. The reason Chihuahuas are considered the smallest breed is because they weigh much less, between 2-10 lbs. Due to this diminutive size Chihuahuas can be quite fragile. In spite of this, they are alert, saucy little dogs with tremendous personality. Chihuahuas can be prone to hypoglycemia due to this small size, as are many other toy breeds. This can be dealt with by feeding the correct diet and making sure your Chihuahua doesn't skip meals. The other main concern is the molera, or soft spot, which is an open patch in the skull.  This is far less common in the deer head variety. This molera increases the chances of hydrocephelus, which is a fluid build up in the Chihuahua's skull. Deer heads are known to be healthier in general than the apple head Chihuahua, which is why we aim to breed them over the apple head type, while still keeping them within the healthy "teacup" range. Chihuahuas, as you may know, are a toy breed, and the smallest breed of dog in the world, but this is only one of the many things about the Chihuahua that makes him special. He is one the most loyal and affectionate breeds of companion dog in the world. Chihuahuas come in two types of coats, long and smooth, though both can be double coated. We specialize in the single coated variety because the single coats don't shed very much. The single coated Chihuahua with a long coat has another trick up its sleeve: he doesn't require brushing. He will not get so much coat that he matts nor will he need the hair on his rear trimmed to keep clean due to profuse coat. In either variety Chihuahuas are elegant delicate little dogs with a dynamic personality sure to brighten your day. Chihuahuas are a great first dog, but are not necessarily suited to children. This is mainly due to their extremely fragile nature, but do fine with older gentle children who can understand. Chihuahuas are very easy to train and extremely intelligent. They may have a slight independent streak but mostly they are very eager to please which can work very well for someone new to dogs and is looking for a first dog. The do take a long time to housebreak, however, and extreme patience and understanding is needed, as the Chihuahua has a very small bladder and cannot hold it as long as larger breeds, however, due to this small size they can very easily be trained to use a doggie litter box indoors, which can be a permanent solution. This also makes them ideal for apartment living and those who may not be able to get outside as much, but still want the companionship of a dog. Indeed the Chihuahua is an amazing little dog!

While we continue to specialize in the Apso seng kyi, we are proud to be a part of breeding these amazing little dogs as well, and will put our experience and dedication into every litter we produce.

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