Rivalt's Pioneer Spirit

Rivalt's White Rose

Rivalt's Tea Rose

From left to right: Rivalt's Pioneer Spirit, finer boned 14lb girl in grizzle particolor, gentle temperament, sweet disposition. Rivalt's White Rose, larger girl with near perfect conformation and excellent movement, beautiful almond shaped eyes. Grizzle particolor, energetic temperament, friendly disposition. Rivalt's Tea Rose, heavier build at 20lbs, grizzle particolor girl, excellent conformation, gentle temperament, cuddly disposition. All three are loving and patient with children.

Rivalt's N'Seperable

Heavier built boy at 17 lbs. Golden sable with white and black tips. Friendly temperament, energetic disposition, excellent conformation, nice movement. He is very patient with children.

Rivalt's Royal Parti

Heavier boned girl at 20lbs. Cream particolor with decent conformation. calm temperament, reserved disposition. She is very tolerant of children.